Zlatiborski District

The ZLATIBORSKI District expands in the western parts of the Republic. It encompasses the municipalities of: Bajina Basta, Kosjeric, Uzice, Pozega, Cajetina, Arilje, Nova Varos, Prijepolje, Sjenica and Priboj. It has a population of 335,826. Seat of the District is in the city of Uzice.

One of the earliest cultural monuments in this region is the Bela crkva church in Karan, built and painted between 1340 and 1342.

There are two churches in Uzice, both ancient and interesting: the St. Mark Church, built before 1828, and the St. George church, today's assembly church in Uzice, built from 1842 to 1844.

In the vicinity of Bajina Basta stands the Raca monastery from the thirteenth century. Over its long history, this monastery was several times destroyed and then reconstructed. The last time (after the Turks and the Austro-Hungarian Army), Raca was burned down by the Bulgarians in 1943. It was renovated after the WW II, and today it is regarded, because of fine delicacy of its iconostasis, an exceptional monument of the Serb culture.

The monastery of Milesevo, in the vicinity of Prijepolje. built in 1218-1219, is the endowment of King Vladislav, the son of Stephen the First-Crowned. Though this monastery was burned down several times, about 100 compositions, frescoes of individual figures, and fragments have been preserved. The most famous is the "White Angel" fresco, now seen in the heading of numerous books and monographs, including this same Internet presentation.

Most prominent active economic organizations in the municipality of Uzice are: copper and aluminium mill in Sevojno, the "Prvi partizan" metal combine, the "Froteks" textile industry, and "Kadinjaca" garment industry.

In Priboj operate also the "FAP" car factory, which exports lorries and buses throughout the world, and the complex company FAP-FAMOS producing passenger cars.

District Seat ADDRESS
31000 Uzice, 52 Dimitrija Tucovica St.
Tel: 031/514-262, 031/513-575
Fax: 031/513-493

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