IV The Rights and Duties if the Republic of Serbia

Article 70

     The rights and duties of the Republic of Serbia shall be carried out by the republic agencies established by the Constitution.

     The freedoms and rights of man and citizen, equality before the law, the autonomous and equal position of the enterprises and other organisations are the basis and a yardstick for the powers and responsibilities of the republic agencies.

Article 71

     Within the rights and duties of the Republic of Serbia established by the Constitution, the republic agencies shall lay down the policy, enact and enforce laws, other regulations and general enactments, and provide constitutional-judicial and judicial protection of constitutionality and legality.

     Other agencies and organisations in the Republic of Serbia may be entrusted the enforcement of laws and other regulations and general enactments within the framework of rights and duties of the Republic of Serbia, the republic agencies remaining responsible for their enforcement.

Article 72

     The following shall be regulated and provided by the Republic of Serbia:

1) sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia and its international position and relations with other states and international organisations;

2) realisation and protection of freedoms and rights of man and citizen; constitutionality and legality;

3) defense and security of the Republic of Serbia and of its citizens; measures to cope with emergencies;

4) property and obligation relations and the protection of all forms of ownership; legal status of enterprises and other organisations, their associations and chambers of economy; the financial system; the system in the spheres of economic relations with foreign partners, market, planning labour relations, protection at work, employment, social security and other forms of social security as well as other economic and social relations of public interest;

5) the system of protection and advancement of human environment; protection and promotion of plants and animals;

6) the system in the spheres of health care, social protection, war veterans' and disabled persons' care, social care for children and young people, education, culture and protection of cultural monuments, physical culture, social and public information;

7) the system of public services;

8) control of the legality of disposal of resources of legal entities, auditing of public expenditures and the way of uniform organisation of such affairs; collection of statistical and other data of public interest;

9) basic goals and directions of the economic, scientific, technological, demographic, regional and social development, the development of agriculture and rural areas; organisation and the use of space; policy and measures to guide and promote development, including the development of under-developed areas; commodity reserves:

10) financing the realisation of the rights and duties of the Republic o} Serbia as established by the Constitution and law;

11) organisation, jurisdiction and work of republic agencies;

12) other relations of interest for the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the Constitution.

The Republic of Serbia shall maintain relations with the Serbs living outside the Republic of Serbia in order to preserve their national and cultural-historical identity.

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