Analysis of basic indicators of socio-economic trends in the Republic of Serbia for year 2003.

Serbia Energy Efficiency Development Project
Project No: PO 75343

"Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) - New Opportunities for Serbia" international conference

Belgrade, Oct 6-7, 2003

Constitutional Charter of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro

Law on implementation of the constitutional Charter of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro

Accord on principles in relations between Serbia and Montenegro


Government holds first session

March 3 - The Serbian government met in its first session on Wednesday, presided by Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica


Kosovo Serb political leaders meet with UNMIK chief

Feb 27 - UNMIK Chief Harri Holkeri has told representatives of Kosovo Serb coalition Povratak that he will include their remarks as well as those by the United Nations and Contact Group in the final version of the plan for the implementation of standards for Kosovo

Belgrade, Pristina dialogue to continue on March 4

March 3 - The Belgrade-Pristina dialogue will continue on March 4, when representatives of the working groups for energy will meet in Pristina

Private sector takes over Serbia's economy

Feb 27 - Privatised companies in Serbia employ some 360,000 workers, putting the number of Serbia's private sector employees at around 760,000, Serbian Privatisation Agency Director Mirko Cvetkovic said at a round table meeting on Thursday, stressing that the private sector has taken over the country's economy

Serbia appoints new government

March 3 - The Serbian parliament appointed on Wednesday Vojislav Kostunica as prime minister and approved his proposed 18-member cabinet by a vote of 130 to 113, with one abstention

Outgoing prime minister to hand over office to new prime minister

March 2 - After a new government is formed, outgoing Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Zivkovic will hand over office to the new prime minister. The ceremony will take place at the main government building, 11 Nemanjina St

Serbian Prime Minister Designate presents new government's policy and make-up

March 2 - The Serbian parliament has today begun its first regular session, with the election of the new Serbian government on the agenda. Parliament Speaker and Acting Serbian President Dragan Marsicanin proposed President of the Democratic Party of Serbia Vojislav Kostunica as Prime Minister Designate. Kostunica presented the programme of the new government and named his cabinet in an address to parliament members

Holkeri's intervention to release Ceku is abuse of office

March 2 - Serbian Minister of Justice Vladan Batic said on Monday that the intervention of UNMIK chief Harri Holkeri with the Hungarian authorities to secure the release of commander of the Kosovo Protection Corps Agim Ceku, arrested on Feb 29, is an act of the abuse of office. Ceku was arrested on an Interpol warrant issued by Belgrade for genocide against Serbs in the province

There can be no state without good public finance management, Finance Minister says

March 1 - Serbian Minister of Finance and Economy Bozidar Djelic said that the Ministry has spent the past three years trying to reform public finance, stressing that there can be no state without good public finance management

Government approves further steps to dismantle RA nuclear reactor

March 1 - The Serbian government adopted on Thursday conclusions on further activities to implement a programme called "A Green Vinca," including the dismantling of the RA nuclear reactor and the removal from it of radioactive fuel, which is to be shipped and temporarily stored in Russia

Religious and ethnic tensions persist in Kosovo

March 1 - The US Department of State said in its annual report on human rights practices across the world that ethnic and religious tensions are still present in Kosovo-Metohija, that there were different forms of violence, politically and ethnically motivated killings, kidnappings and restrictions of the freedom of movement for members of non-Albanian ethnic communities

Coalition Povratak submits objections to Kosovo standards implementation plan

March 1 - Representatives of Coalition Povratak (Return) have handed over their objections to the Kosovo standards implementation plan to UNMIK officials, demanding that certain solutions stemming from the Kosovo standards document be annulled or clarified

Council of Europe Development Bank to lend €20 million to help Serbia resolve housing problems of 4,000 refugees

Feb 27 - Serbian Commissioner for Refugees Ozren Tosic said that the Commissariat is negotiating a €20 million loan with the Council of Europe Development Bank, stressing that the funding will be used to disburse soft housing loans to refugees


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