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West Backa District

The WEST BACKA District expands in the northern parts of the Republic. It encompasses the municipalities of: Sombor, Apatin, Odzaci, and Kula. It has a population of 215,916. Seat of the District is in the city of Sombor.

Sombor is the town of rich cultural tradition: the Roman-Catholic church and the Franciscan Monastery from the eighteenth century, the Perish House originating from the early nineteenth century, the iconostasis of the Big and Small Orthodox church in Stapar are protected monuments registered as cultural heritage, which bare witness to the long history of this town.

Today the municipality of Sombor has 100,000 ha of agricultural land, out of which 97,000 ha makes up the arable land. Besides farming, also cattle raising plays an important part.

Still more dynamic development is achieved in industry, with the prevailing "Bane" metal complex, the Sombor" battery factory, the "Crvena zastava" van factory, the "Dunav" shipyard, and particularly food industry which with the capacities of its "Sunce" oil factory and "Somboled" diary, carries out entirely all the processing of the agricultural yield.

District Seat ADDRESS
25000 Sombor, 1 Cara Urosa Sq.
Tel./Fax: 025- 22 950, 26 361


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