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Kolubarski District

The KOLUBARSKI District occupies the central part of western Serbia. It encompasses the municipalities of: Osecina, Ub, Lajkovac, Valjevo, Mionica, and Ljig. It has a population of 200,560. The seat of the District is in the city of Valjevo, on the banks of the Kolubara river.

This region is distinguished for its cultural-historic monuments: the Muselim's Palace, a typical example of the Turkish architecture built in the thirteenth century, the Tower of the Nenadovic Family, built in 1813 by Duke Janko, the church of Valjevo originating from 1838 which is a rare example of monumental classicistic style building in Serbia. Prevailing industries in this region are: metal industry ("Krusik" DD Holding Corporation,": "Gradac" DD Screw Factory), agricultural production (plums, raspberries, blackberries) and food processing industry ("Srbijanka" DD).

The major tourism resorts in the district are: the Divcibare Mountains and the Vrujci Spa.

District Seat ADDRESS
14 000 Valjevo, 31 Karadjordjeva St.
Tel.: 014-222 019, 221 655, 227 466


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