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Pecki District

The PECKI District expands in the south-western parts of the Republic. It encompasses the municipalities of: Istok, Pec, Klina, Decani, Djakovica. Its has a population of 414,187. Its seat is in the city of Pec. Pec was mentioned already in 1302, as a seat of the Serb Patriarchy. The Pec Patriarchy is made-up of a group of monasteries and since its foundation it was the seat of the Serb Archbishops and Patriarchs.

The frescoes from the church of St. Apostles, dating from the thirteenth century, rank among the most remarkable creations of the Serb painting. In the course of history, the churches and other buildings of the Pec Patriarchy were several times destroyed and reconstructed, and its final appearance they received in 1931-1932. The Visoki Decani Monastery is one of the most grandiose monuments of the Serb medieval culture. It is the endowment of King Stephen Decanski, built from 1327 to 1335.

The next companies are most prominent in the Pec District: Leather and Footwear Combine, Forestry Industrial Combine, Agricultural-industrial Combine and Car Spare-parts Factory.

District Seat ADDRESS
38300 Pec, bb Marsala Tita St.
Tel./Fax: 039-31-043, 22-442


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