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Branicevski District

The BRANICEVSKI District expands in the north-east of Sebia. It encompasses the municipalities of: Veliko Gradiste, Pozarevac, Golubac, Malo Crnice, Zabari, Petrovac, Kucevo, and Zagubica. It has a population of 253,492.

Seat of the District is in the city of Pozarevac, a famous cross-roads, with numerous communications running through it still today.

In the mid-nineteenth century, at the time of the Serb state emancipation, Pozarevac became, along with Kragujevac, the second metropolis of Prince Milos Obrenovic. During his lifetime, Prince Milos Obrenovic had erected monuments to his memory in Pozarevac: the church (in 1819), palace (in 1825), new market-place (in 1827) and stud-farm - Ljubicevo (in 1860).

Some of the places of cultural importance in Pozarevac are: the National Museum (the first built after the Belgrade), the Tulba Ethnic Park (a unique out-door museum) and the Gallery of Paintings of Milena Pavlovic-Barili (a distinguished surrealistic artist and poetress).

Business facilities of this District are concentrated in the vicinity of the cities of Pozarevac and Costal. The most prominent is the food-industry giant: Agricultural-industrial Combine Pozarevac which provides employment to huge number of men and satisfies one quarter of the overall demands of the Republic of Serbia.

District Seat ADDRESS
12 000 Pozarevac, 2 Drinska St.
Tel./Fax: 012-223 999, 222 316


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