Podunavski District

The PODUNAVSKI District expands in the central part of the Republic. It encompasses the municipalities of: Smederevo, Smederevska Palanka, and Velika Plana. It has a population of 226,589. Seat of the District is in the city of Smederevo.

Smederevo was the capital of the Serb State in the fourteenth century - there stood the royal palace at the time of the then Serb ruler Djuradj Brankovic. Today, in the remnants of the Smederevo fortress, finished in 1430, traces of the former palace, chapel, and the house of the royal family can be discerned. At the old city cemetery stands a church from the fourteenth century, assumed to have been the family vault of the Serb ruler Djuradj Brankovic, which gave rise to numerous legends.

In economic regard, Smederevo is today one of the leading cities in Serbia. Its major companies are the Smederevo Metal-processing Combine, the DP "Zelvoz" working on the technology of passenger, transport and special railroad cars, the "Fagram" holding enterprise producing constructional machines - which, together with the "Tehnogas", "Jugopetrol", and "Lasta" have contributed to making this region a successful and dynamic industrial center.

District Seat ADDRESS
11 300 Smederevo, 5 Republic Square
Tel./Fax: 026-224211, 223636, 223 646

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