Victims of the Albanian terrorism in Kosovo-Metohija (Killed, kidnapped, and missing persons, January 1998 - November 2001)
(Committee for Collecting Data on Crimes Committed Against Humanity and International Law - compiled by Judge Ilija Simic and Committee associates)
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Acting in accordance with the politics of the Serbian Government, this site wants to contribute in every way possible to the discovery of the truth about the time of wars and crimes that are behind us. We are interested not only in facing the crimes committed by the previous regime secretly, in our name, but we are interested even more in finding out all that happened and is happening in Kosovo with the Serbian and other non-Albanian population, which has largely been unprotected and deprived of rights, in spite of the UN Resolution 1244 and presence of KFOR and UNMIK. Long and sinister lists of those missing are crying out for truth if they are alive, tell us where they are, and if they are not, let that terrible burden of suspense be lifted from their close relatives.

The Serbian government


Help us discover the truth about those missing in Kosovo! Maybe YOU can give us some precious information about the whereabouts of those reported missing! If you were present, heard, overheard or have any material proof, or trail leading to those missing in Kosovo, please inform us at the following address:



Office of Media Relations
Email: oomr@srbija.sr.gov.yu