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American Elementary School supports Decani Monastery in Kosovo and Metohija

Fr. Sava reads the letter

Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to share with you a story of American elementary schoolchildren from Utah who got to know Decani Monastery in Kosovo through our Web Site and sent parcels with their aid to our Monastery.

A few days ago, on October 16th, US US soldiers from Camp Bondsteel (Kosovo) delivered to Visoki Decani Monastery several hygiene and medical packages as donation by children from Elementary School in Wellsville (Utah). The children first heard about Decani Monastery from one of US soldiers who was serving in KFOR and later learned more about the Monastery and its community browsing the Decani Web Site.

Letter from Wellsville Elementary
(Click to enlarge)

On the initiative of Heidi Jacobsen, a multi-cultural education Specialist in Wellsville Elementary the children from Wellsville Elementary launched an action "Help Decani Monks" and began earning money to buy supplies for Decani Monastery. They worked for their families and neighbors in order to earn money by their own little hands. As the diagram on the school wall shows, the action was progressing with a lot of success as the response from all children was better than expected. At the end they bought various hygiene articles and medicines, packed them up and sent to Kosovo. The packages arrived to US Bonsteel Camp and were soon after brought by US soldiers to the monastery together with a large paper covered with signatures of the kids which took part in this action and their message to Decani Monks.

As a humble expression of gratitude to our little cyber-friends from Utah, Decani Monks have made a Web Page with photos illustrating this wonderful event. On two pages you can see photos of children who took part in this humanitarian action, their message and signatures, the scenes when US soldiers brought the packages to the Monastery as well as a few landscapes of Wellsville Utah.

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