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    Stop corruption
May 25, 2004

Anti-Corruption Council indicates "elements of corruption" in Sartid receivership case

Feb 24 - The Anti-Corruption Council said that Serbian steel plant Sartid from Smederevo was placed into receivership against regulations and indicated "elements of corruption" in the procedure


  Stop corruption  

Doctor arrested for taking bribe

Jan 30 - Belgrade police arrested on corruption charges a doctor at the Miroslav Zotovic state-owned rehabilitation medical centre, Laslo Svirtlih

Anti-Corruption Council does not allege privatisation corruption cases

Jan 23 - Officials of the Serbian government, the Serbian Ministry of Economy and Privatisation, the Privatisation Agency and the Anti-Corruption Council met on Friday to review a Council's report on the policy and process of privatisation in the country. A joint statement, issued following a three-hour meeting, says that the report should be regarded only as a warning against possible corruption cases

EDB employees taken in for accepting bribe

Dec 16 - Criminal police of the Belgrade Secretariat of Interior has brought before the investigative judge four employees of the Belgrade electricity distribution company Elektrodistribucija Beograd (EDB) suspected of taking bribes, together with Vlada Novakovic (54) from Belgrade suspected of illegal trade and giving a bribe

Serbia-Montenegro to sign UN Convention against Corruption

Dec 9 - Serbia-Montenegro is due to sign the United Nations Convention against Corruption in Mexico on Tuesday. Thanks to the results achieved in the fight against corruption and its readiness to establish the rule of law, the state union was allowed to join the convention which obliges it to pass regulations allowing access to information of public importance, determine codes of conduct for public servants, prevent the conflict of public and private interest and set up a specialised body for fighting corruption

Four persons arrested for giving and accepting bribes

Dec 8 - Belgrade police arrested and brought before an investigative judge, the senior official of the Institute for Construction of the City of Belgrade Predrag Janjic and Institute's architect Dusan Pacic, for accepting bribes, together with Stevan Acimovic and Director of the Tresnja Company Zivomir Radosavljevic, for giving bribes, the Belgrade Secretariat of Interior said in a statement on Sunday

Anti-corruption council backs its vice president

Sept 10 - The Anti-Corruption Council refused the offered resignation of its Vice President Ivan Lalic saying that bringing criminal charges in the District Prosecution in Novi Sad against Lalic on the basis of an anonymous report is an attempt to discredit this institution and disturb other Council members

Tax inspector arrested for taking bribes

Aug 22 - The Serbian police's department for fighting organised crime (UBPOK) have arrested Radojka Dzeletovic, a senior inspector at the Novi Sad tax administration, on suspicion of taking bribes

Police arrest doctor for corruption

Aug 13 - The Belgrade police department has arrested Nikola Djukic, a doctor at the Zemun Hospital Complex, on suspicion of corruption in the health sector

Laws, anti-smuggling measures boost DIN, DIV value

Aug 5 - By radically reducing the level of cigarette smuggling, introducing a legal and institutional framework and establishing efficient company management, the value of tobacco companies DIN and DIV rose significantly their sell-off attracting an offer of €605 million from leading world companies Philip Morris and British American Tobacco


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