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Coordination Centre for Kosovo

    Kosovo and Metohija
May 27, 2004

Belgrade, Pristina dialogue to continue on March 4

March 3 - The Belgrade-Pristina dialogue will continue on March 4, when representatives of the working groups for energy will meet in Pristina


  Kosovo and Metohija  

Holkeri's intervention to release Ceku is abuse of office

March 2 - Serbian Minister of Justice Vladan Batic said on Monday that the intervention of UNMIK chief Harri Holkeri with the Hungarian authorities to secure the release of commander of the Kosovo Protection Corps Agim Ceku, arrested on Feb 29, is an act of the abuse of office. Ceku was arrested on an Interpol warrant issued by Belgrade for genocide against Serbs in the province

Coalition Povratak submits objections to Kosovo standards implementation plan

March 1 - Representatives of Coalition Povratak (Return) have handed over their objections to the Kosovo standards implementation plan to UNMIK officials, demanding that certain solutions stemming from the Kosovo standards document be annulled or clarified

Religious and ethnic tensions persist in Kosovo

March 1 - The US Department of State said in its annual report on human rights practices across the world that ethnic and religious tensions are still present in Kosovo-Metohija, that there were different forms of violence, politically and ethnically motivated killings, kidnappings and restrictions of the freedom of movement for members of non-Albanian ethnic communities

Kosovo Serb political leaders meet with UNMIK chief

Feb 27 - UNMIK Chief Harri Holkeri has told representatives of Kosovo Serb coalition Povratak that he will include their remarks as well as those by the United Nations and Contact Group in the final version of the plan for the implementation of standards for Kosovo

Store of firearms of disbanded OVPMB found

Feb 25 - The Security and Intelligence Agency (BIA) uncovered a store of firearms belonging to the disbanded Liberation Army of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac (OVPMB) in the village of Mali Trnovac in the Bujanovac municipality

Foreign Minister sends letter of protest to UN Security Council over two Kosovo Serbs killings

Feb 24 - Serbia-Montenegro expects the UN Security Council to take concrete measures to prevent crimes in Kosovo-Metohija, Serbia-Montenegrin Minister of Foreign Affairs Goran Svilanovic said in a letter of protest to the Security Council, following the murders of two Kosovo Serbs near Lipljan last week

Two Kosovo Serbs killed near Lipljan

Feb 20 - Zlatomir Kostic, 36, from Kosovo Polje and Milijana Markovic, 24, from Staro Gracko were murdered near Lipljan late Thursday

Coalition Povratak delegates representatives in Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

Feb 19 - Coalition Povratak (Return) delegated its representatives for four working groups that will take part in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

Serbian Orthodox Church has its rights in Kosovo-Metohija

Feb 18 - His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle addressed a letter to EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana and UNMIK chief Harri Holkeri protesting over the attempt of interim institutions of self-government in Kosovo-Metohija to take away from the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) its right to a land on which the Christ the Savor Church and the Sveti Sava cultural centre in Pristina are being built


Proposal of the Declaration on Kosovo-Metohija

Dialogue and reconciliation by Nebojsa Covic, president of the Coordination Centre for Kosovo and Metohia

Coordination Centre for Kosovo
Principles of the program for return of internally displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija

Statements by Nebojsa Covic, president of the Coordination Centre for Kosovo and Metohia

Agreement between Yugoslavia and UNMIK allowing transfer of prisoners

Resolution 1244
Joint UNMIK- Yugoslav document
American Elementary School supports Decani Monastery in Kosovo and Metohija


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