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Kosovo Assembly composition and work

Belgrade, Nov 19, 2001 - The term of the Kosovo Assembly shall be three years, commencing on the date of the inaugural session, which shall be convened within thirty days of the certification of election results. Without prejudice to the competencies of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, at least two-thirds of the members of the Assembly may request the SRSG to dissolve the Assembly. Such a request shall be communicated to the SRSG by the President of Kosovo.

The mandate of the President of Kosovo shall be three years. The President of Kosovo shall be elected by the Assembly by secret ballot. A nomination for the post of President of Kosovo shall require the support of the party having the largest number of seats in the Assembly or of at least 25 members. The Assembly shall elect the President of Kosovo by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Assembly. If after two ballots a two-thirds majority is not obtained, in the following ballots a majority of the votes of all members of the Assembly shall be required for election.

The President of Kosovo shall represent the unity of the people and guarantee the democratic functioning of the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government. In coordination with the SRSG, the President will take action in the field of external relations, present a report to the Assembly on the general state of affairs in Kosovo at least once a year and present awards and express gratitude. The President will also propose the Prime Minister to the Assembly. The Government will consist of at least nine Ministers. At least one of these Ministers will be from the Kosovo Serb Community and one from another Community.

The Assembly shall have a Presidency consisting of seven Assembly members who will include one Serb community member and one member from other minority communities. A member of the Presidency from the party or coalition having obtained the highest number of votes in the elections for the Assembly shall be the President of the Assembly. The Assembly will have a Budget Committee and a Committee on Rights and Interests of Communities. The Assembly may establish Functional Committees as it deems necessary and appropriate to carry out its responsibilities.

The Assembly will adopt laws and resolutions in the areas of responsibility of the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government, endorse the Presidency of the Assembly, elect the President of Kosovo, endorse or reject the Prime Minister candidate together with the list of Ministers of the Government proposed by the Prime Minister candidate, make decisions on other appointments as specified in this Constitutional Framework, consider and endorse proposed international agreements within the scope of its responsibilities and decide on motions of no-confidence in the Government.

Meetings of the Assembly and its Committees shall be conducted in both the Albanian and Serbian languages. All official documents of the Assembly shall be printed in both the Albanian and Serbian languages. The Assembly shall endeavour to make official documents which concern a specific Community available in the language of that Community.

The Provisional Institutions of Self-Government shall have responsibilities in the fields of economic and financial policy, fiscal and budgetary issues, administrative and operational customs activities, domestic and foreign trade, industry and investments. The Provisional Institutions will be in charge of education, science and technology, youth and sport, culture, health, environmental protection, labour and social welfare, family, gender and minors, transport, post, telecommunications and information technologies, public administration services, agriculture, forestry and rural development, statistics, spatial planning, tourism, good governance, human rights and equal opportunity, and non-resident affairs.

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