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Serbia Energy Efficiency Development Project

Project No: PO 75343

"Serbia Energy Efficiency Development Project" will be financed by "soft" (IDA) loans approved by the World Bank and the donations of Cooperazione Italiana. The project is also supported by the Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sport, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Belgrade City Assembly and Agency for Energy Efficiency. The project includes reconstruction of heating network in the Serbian Clinical Centre and improvement of energy efficiency in schools and hospitals across Serbia.

After the project is carried out, the current use of coal and heavy fuel oil at the Serbian Clinical Centre should be replaced by natural gas. The emission ash and harmful substances will thus reduce by up to 20 times, more than 10,000 employees in the Clinical Centre and more than one million patients annually will receive better heating, and air in central parts of Belgrade (municipalities of Vracar and Savski Venac) will be cleaner. Also, the installation of gas flues in Vozdovac and Savski Venac will provide 13,000 households with connection to the gas line.

Environmental Impact Assessment is part of the feasibility study "Conversion and Improvements of the Energy Supply System in the Clinical Centre of Serbia," done by Energoprojekt Entel company.

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