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"Serbia 1804-2004 - Chronology" presented

Belgrade, Feb 3, 2004 - Marking the 200th anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising and the creation of the modern Serbian state, the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Media presented today a project called "Serbia 1804-2004 - Chronology", which gives chronological development of the socio-political life of Serbia in the past 200 years.

The project has been prepared by the Belgrade Historic Archives and a group of authors, including Belgrade Historic Archives Director Branka Prpa, professor of the Belgrade Faculty of Political Sciences Ljubinka Trgovcevic, professors and assistant professors of the History Department of the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy Ljubodrag Dimic, Milan Ristovic, Miroslav Jovanovic and Dubravka Stojanovic, research fellow at the New Serbia Institute Miroslav Perisic, senior research fellow at the Institute of Contemporary History Predrag Markovic, and many other authors.

Branka Prpa told a press conference that this projects gives the chronology of the creation of Serbia's civil institutions during the two centuries of its existence, and a review of development of all other sectors of social life. This project is a pioneer undertaking in the history of Serbia's historiography.

Prpa said that the first edition of 1,500 copies, in hardcover and full colour, should be published in March this year. Its printing will be financed by the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Media.

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