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Kosovo Serb political leaders meet with UNMIK chief

Pristina, Feb 27, 2004 - UNMIK Chief Harri Holkeri has told representatives of Kosovo Serb coalition Povratak that he will include their remarks as well as those by the United Nations and Contact Group in the final version of the plan for the implementation of standards for Kosovo.

Kosovo Assembly deputy Oliver Ivanovic said following a meeting with Holkeri on Friday that Povratak will hand over to UNMIK its remarks, which aim to make the standards for a normal society in Kosovo "measurable" and more transparent.

Holkeri called on Kosovo Serbs to take part in the implementation of the standards. They also agreed that a meeting of a Belgrade-Pristina working group on energy should take place in Pristina on March 4. The working group dealing with missing persons will meet on March 9, according to the Beta news agency.

A few days ago, UNMIK and Kosovo's government have completed a working version of the plan for the implementation of standards for Kosovo and forwarded it to the UN, United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Italy for consideration.

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