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Coalition Povratak submits objections to Kosovo standards implementation plan

Pristina, March 1, 2004 - Representatives of Coalition Povratak (Return) have handed over their objections to the Kosovo standards implementation plan to UNMIK officials, demanding that certain solutions stemming from the Kosovo standards document be annulled or clarified, the Beta news agency reported.

According to Coalition Povratak, the Kosovo Standards document has no clear relation to the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and only vaguely stipulates the right to return of all refugees and displaced persons.

At the same time, the Coalition believes that the document envisages less minority rights than the Constitutional Framework for Kosovo-Metohija.

The document has also failed to address the problem of public and commercial debts in the province and to guarantee the protection of ownership rights in the process of privatisation and the transformation of the Kosovo Protection Corps, the Coalition said.

The Kosovo government and UNMIK have forwarded the draft plan for Kosovo standards implementation to the UN and the Contact Group for debate. The final version of the plan has yet to be prepared.

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